Photo Gallery | Unfinished Berkman II Symbolizes Bank Failure for Group


Today marks the two-month anniversary of the Occupy movement nationwide. Here in Jacksonville, there were no scuffles or people being carried away in protest, instead a group of council members from Jacksonville’s peacefully demonstrated outside the Berkman II Plaza Condominium complex.

The group stood across the street from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office grabbing the attention of officers passing by on foot and a city trolley that came to a near halt to read the groups signs and banners.

Jackie Mathis, a local spokesperson for, said the group chose the location in front of Berkman II because the building sits unfinished. “JP Morgan Chase is asking for $1.25 million of taxpayer money to hire more people and they just want to make sure their foreclosures are caught up. So here we are foreclosing, but we’re not finishing projects like this,” Mathis explains.

Mathis and the local members support the Occupy movement and want to see banks finish projects that were started before the economic downturn, like Berkman II. Chuck Ledford, another member the Jacksonville group, adds, “this is a prominent space on our waterfront, with the economic collapse they ran out of money and they can’t finish it. I don’t even think they have people they could rent it to.”

Mathis and Ledford are animated and passionate describing the condition of Berkman II. “If you look up there, it looks like the first good wind storm is going to knock those boards right out and knock somebody out,” Mathis said, pointing up the rooftop of Berman II.

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