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Cop, firefighters file lawsuit against Jacksonville
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An 80-page lawsuit against the City of Jacksonville has been filed in Federal Court.

It was filed by three firefighters and one police officer in the city over pension reform.


Pension reform has been one of Mayor Alvin Brown's major platforms for the city of Jacksonville. He has said it is crucial to the financial health of the city. But now, four city employees are fighting back.

The firefighters and police officer reference a deal both unions made with the city that keeps their current pension deal through 2030. 

The city has tried to sit down with both the firefighters and police unions but haven't gotten anywhere in terms of amending the contracts.

Both unions are currently at impasse with the city, so it could go to city council to decide.

But this lawsuit will put the issue squarely in the hands of the federal court.

First Coast News first saw the lawsuit late Wednesday, so while we have reached out to the city for comment, they haven't yet had the chance to respond.

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