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Sheriff: Reduction in revenue means a reduction in services

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At a sitdown with the media today, Sheriff John Rutherford pored over pages of budget documents.

He says they only way to save jobs is to increase the mileage rate to keep property tax bills at their current level. Some homeowners were expecting a tax break due to declining property values.

"Look I love these men and women. They do a tremendous job for this community, but the numbers are what they are," said Sheriff Rutherford. "I want to make sure everyone understands that if there reduction in revenue, there will be a reduction in services."

So what services is he talking about and how would it impact you?
First, you see all those traffic cops at Jaguars games and big events downtown. Sheriff Rutherford says they will go away to save $700,000.

"If those special events want traffic control, they're going to have to pay for it," Rutherford said.

If they don't, leaving the big game could take a lot longer than you're used to.

Also, the sheriff says his officers will no longer respond to crashes on state roads. That's the Florida Highway Patrol's responsibility. This could result in longer delays for them to get to crashes.

"I am responsible for those people standing out there on the roadway," he said.

But longtime Jacksonville resident John Thompson said it's probably times for some cutbacks.

"You've got to cut somewhere," Thompson said. "You can't just keep on spending and raising taxes."


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