Exclusive: Jags rookie Blackmon says 'I'm not a drinker' in DUI arrest video | News

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Exclusive: Jags rookie Blackmon says 'I'm not a drinker' in DUI arrest video

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News has obtained video of Justin Blackmon's arrest from his aggravated DUI case.

The arrest came after the Jaguars drafted Blackmon fifth overall in the NFL Draft, but before he signed his rookie contract with the team.

The video comes from the Stillwater Police Department in Oklahoma. It was released to First Coast News after a public records request was made last week.

"I'm literally not a drinker," Blackmon says on the tape.

"When's the last time you drank heavily?" the jailer in the video asks.

"Well, I mean, I drank tonight. But this is the first time I've been here in Stillwater," Blackmon said.

The video is about 45 minutes long and is from the jail booking room.

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It shows Blackmon, wearing a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey, trying to answer basic booking questions.

"Married, single or divorced?" the jailer asks.

"Um, neither. I mean I'm single," Blackmon says.

The jailer asks, "Are you employed?"

"No," Blackmon says.

Later, police officers explain to Blackmon that he has the right to refuse to take a breath test, but if he does, his license will be revoked.

"The thing is, is there any way I can call anybody?" Blackmon asks.

"Not before your decision to take the test," the officer says.

"I mean, if I say no, then it's bad on me," Blackmon says.

"Do you want to take the test?" the officer asks later in the conversation.

"I mean, I don't have no choice," Blackmon says.

"You do have a choice. I can't coerce you to take the test," the officer said.

"I'll take the test," Blackmon eventually says.

Officers take him to a room off camera to administer the test and he blew a .24 and .26, way above the legal limit of .08.

Once the officer tells Blackmon of his test results, Blackmon said, "How?"

Jacksonville Jaguars spokesman Dan Edwards referred us to statements Blackmon's made yesterday when asked to comment on the video.

"I just came out and tried to work as hard as possible. I just tried to get out there and show them that I know what I'm doing and just make a point," Blackmon told reporters Thursday.


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