Saving Your Money: Wedded Bliss on a Budget

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "He took me to a dock down the way from our house, on a lake," 22-year-old Brittany Thomas reminisces.

"He had wine in hand and roses. We watched a meteor shower and shooting starts, but I don't think he planned that," she laughs.

25-year-old Trey Burnett proposed to Brittany back in March.

The couple knew the wedding would be at the same church in which Brittany's parents married 25 years ago.

Then the planning began, pulling the bride-to-be back down from cloud-9.

"It goes back and forth," Brittany sighs. "there are times it gets very hectic when we try to figure out all the money situation."

Brittany explains that she and her fiance' are on a tight budget, so creativity when planning for the big day has been key.

She was more than willing to share some of her wedding planning strategies.

"We are doing all of the planning ourselves," Brittany tells us.

Bullying, An American Shame

Bullying, An American Shame

The United States is stated to be the most powerful country in the world. This power is seen first in the Trillion dollar military forces that circle the world,reinforcing American foreign policies and those of our allies.


The events of Thursday, October 25th that happened at Buffalo Wild Wings should NEVER have happened.

As my family and I sat waiting on our meals, the football players from First Coast High School entered. Their friends and some family members entered after winning against Raines High School. That was not the issue, their victory was won fair through an athletic contest.

When Daddy Dances Daughters Smile

When  Daddy Dances Daughters Smile

“Fathers, be good to your daughters. You are the God and the weight of her world.” John Mayor

The importance of fathers can never be disputed nor downplayed in a child’s life. There are many committees,
organizations, groups, and clubs that support the growth and development of girls and young women locally and nationally.

October Continues Bullying Prevention

October Continues Bullying Prevention

Inspirational Praise, Inc. is a Jacksonville based youth advocacy program.  As a part of the youth outreach program they are planning an Anti-Bullying Rally entitled, Yes, I Am My Friends Keeper.  

The Importance of College

The Importance of College

The recent “Jacksonville Goes To College” event at the Prime Osborn Convention Center shows the
serious interest of students to attend a higher education institution. The attendance this year increased to
approximately 7000 youth and their families compared to 2011 where it was recorded approximately 5000 were
in attendance.

Jacksonville Goes To College

Jacksonville Goes To College

ImpactJAX Education Initiative MyJax Chamber of Commerce http://www.myjaxchamber.com/ working to mentor high school students to focus on college entrance and graduation.