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Toddlers and tablets
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Laptops, smart phones, tablets; toddlers can tackle them all!

This generation of children are turning on computers, on average, younger than 3-years-old.

While there are plenty of fun, interactive and educational apps you can download for your kids, a local doctor warns too much screen time isn't healthy for your youngster.

Dr. Holly Antal with Nemours Children's Clinic says like anything, there are limits.

No matter how small the screen your child is starting into, Dr. Antal advises parents to keep their child's screen time to a minimum.

The reason: Dr. Antal says the electronics don't allow kids to exercise all of their senses.

"Tablets, while they're a good distraction at the doctor's office or when you're in the car," Dr. Antal explains, "they just can't replace your child's physical activity and exploration just running around outside."

Check out Good Morning Jacksonville (Tuesday 11/13/12) at 6 a.m. for more advice from Dr. Antal.

For those times your toddler screams for your high-tech tool, a local company branch has started a new program teaching moms and young kids how to get the best experience from educational apps.

For more information about dates and times for the Toddlers and Tablets class being held by Verizon Wireless, contact the local store at 9344 Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville.

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