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GMJ's Biggest Young Jags fan

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't been doing well this season so far, but that hasn't stopped diehard Jags fans from showing their pride.

For weeks, we've asked you to send in photos of your kids, ages 17 years old or younger, as the Good Morning Jacksonville team searched for the biggest young Jags fan.

After receiving so many great pictures, which you can see in the gallery above, the GMJ gang chose newborn Lillian Faye as the winner of the fun contest.

Not only is Lillian adorable in her Jaguars outfits, her mother Lori McGuffin made a compelling argument as to why her daughter should be awarded the title "biggest young Jags fan."

Here's her email:

"This is Lillian Faye, the youngest and cutest Jacksonville Jaguar fan! Lillian has no choice but to bleed TEAL!

My most treasured childhood memories are those of sitting next to my father as a 12 year old girl in 1996, screaming for our beloved Jaguars! To me, the Jaguars are more than a football team.

They represent family. The Jaguars are a family shopping trip to get "Yes!' sweatshirts in 1996. They are a special shared treat of boiled peanuts and lemon chills on Sundays.

They are a celebratory group hug between four people who otherwise may not have spent an hour together that week. I owe these precious memories to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and vow to give my daughter the same kind of memories.

I won't give up on my Jags, and neither will Lillian. It may look like a newborn randomly waving her arm, but I know she's moving those chains!

Thank you!

Lori McGuffin"


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