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Saving You Money: Why buy kids' clothes when you can borrow?

BALTIMORE, MD -- You buy your children the cutest clothes, only to have them grow out of them in just a few months.

Even more frustrating; the cost of those fancy kids' outfits parents love to have their little ones in for special occasions like family or holiday photos when your child will likely wear the outfit only once or twice.

First For You: Why buy when you can borrow!

There's a growing trend among parents nationwide to rent kids' clothes instead of shelling out big bucks.

One online company is, based in Baltimore.

The company buys new, name-brand girls' dresses for ages 9-months to 4-years, and then rents them to you for half the cost.

A company spokesperson tells Good Morning Jacksonville News Anchor Joy Purdy that after just a year-and-a-half in business, has received orders from across the country.

The idea has been such a hit for the couple that owns, they've decided to dedicated themselves full-time to it.

The couple won't discuss just how much money their business is raking in, but company spokesperson Kris Belisle says the owners got the idea for their company after having to pay a lot of money to outfit their own child for a wedding back in May, 2011.

Belisle also addressed a major concern for parents when it comes to their children wearing used clothing; is it sanitary?

Watch GMJ Friday morning (11/02/12) at 6:20 a.m. to hear just how particular the company is when it comes to cleanliness.

Many online companies have prospered from the same idea, so we did some digging.

First For You, here are just a few we found.

If you decide to try any of these companies' services, let us know how it goes so we can share your experience with others who may be interested: - This company says you can rent everything your kids will need "to keep warm, dry, and moving on the slopes."  The couple that owns the company are lifelong skiers and snowboarders. They came up with the idea after borrowing the wrong clothes for their daughter on a ski trip and also forgetting to rent snow goggles for her. - Owners call this an online swap meet.  It's a family-owned company that "will give our members the ability to find a new home for toys you don't play with anymore, and replace them with new toys your children are asking for."  The owners have 2 children and started the business after noticing neighbors' used toys piling up at the curb on garbage day. - This site is for pregnant women who don't want to spend a lot of money for a fancy dress they may wear only once. The company says you can rent "designer maternity dresses direct from the top maternity fashion designers ... for up to 70% less." - This company is based in San Francisco and claims it's the "easiest way to save on great kids' clothing brands, and hand down outgrown clothes for cash." When your child outgrows their clothes, has them picked up literally from your doorstep, and pays you for what they can resell. Take the cash, or use the credit in their online store.


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