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Day Care Bullying Is Your Child Safe
Day Care Bullying Is Your Child Safe

When a 9 year old boy in a Vicksburg, MS Day Care literally kicked, punched, choked and bit toddlers at a Day Care it made parents understand the realities of Day Care bullying and child on child abuse and violence.

The video video link below is disturbing to the point where
outrage is displayed nationally that behaviour like this is
ignored or actions are taken to late after children are hurt.

The child is seen repeatedly hitting, violently kicking
and even aggressively biting on the arm and face of
toddlers. The damaging part for these children is that they
have been exposed to this repeatedly for a week or even
more because of the irresponsibility of adults at the facility.

As a parent and elementary school teacher I questioned
why parents did not notice the injuries sooner? A father of
a bitten child came in and retaliated by slapping a boy who
the father thought was the tormentor. Mistakenly, the father
was wide of the mark and hit the wrong boy and was arrested.

Watching the video you can clearly see the boy, hit, kick,
choke and bite other children much younger than he is and
because of their ages cannot defend themselves.

Parents need to be proactive and talk to their children when
they attend a Day Care, Learning Center, and even Religious
Center where bullying, violence and or child abuse has the
potential to occur. Parents should examine their child’s body
for marks, bites, bruises, or other potential indications of
violent confrontations. Advice from a Health Care provider

and mother states, Parents need to do popup visits to their
kids day care and scheduled visits to school when in session.
If the day care staff have a problem with the frequent
unannounced visits that should be a Red Flag to the parent.
Questions should  arise at to what does the center have to hide?

The laws for bullying vary from state to state; each is
consistent that any perceived level of bullying (continuous
harassment), violence, abuse and aggression must be
reported to child services and law enforcement. If an allegation
of bullying, violence, abuse and aggression is not reported
the laws enacted could mean all parties involved have an
extensive background check. A Day Care, Learning Center
employees licence could be revoked, and criminal charges
levelled against all adults at the facility.

These laws are already strictly enforced at schools, hospitals,
and nursing/elderly faculties. Parents need to question the
director/owner of their child’s care center to learn what the
policies are for bullying, violence, abuse and aggressive children.
Parents should look for posted information on rules of
behaviour, fighting and inappropriate behaviour. A parent
can request if there is adequate training for all staff
and if so is it recorded and documented?
Parents cannot count on a child to tell them everything because
a child’s perception is different than a teen or young adult.
If continuous aggression is shown to children/toddlers they
may think this is a normal behaviour and in turn act this way
to others. If a child is exposed to violence they may either
emotionally, psychologically withdrawal and be submissive or
self-preservation may rise to the point where they feel the only
way to survive is to be more aggressive than the bully creating
a new and dangerous reaction with other children.

Parents, it is important that each day you drop off and pickup
your child that you communicate openly and observe your
child’s behaviour. Don’t give excuses that they are “just going
through something,” “having a bad day.”  These are dangerous
and ignorant ways to think. Just look at the video and think
how you would not have seen the signs if you were not looking.

Parents need to be parent’s everyday not just when things are
going smoothly. Fathers need to be more involved even if not
in the home still have a responsibility to make sure their children
are safe. The presence of a father sends an important
message in how the children are treated. Those with involved
fathers are given more attention in some cases than those
children where the father is absent.

Be proactive, communicate with Day Care owners, teachers
and staff. Let them know to talk to you and make you aware of
events at the center with your child. Stay involved and stay


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