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Building Entrepreneurship for High School Students
Building Entrepreneurship for High School Students

The ability to be a successful Entrepreneur takes vision, planning, marketing, branding and networking. Networking practices of physically meeting people, exchanging business cards, phone calls, lunch meetings, and even golf outings are becoming a rarity and unobtainable luxury for young entrepreneurs. The access to monetary resources is unavailable because high school students live with their parents and are financially challenged.
Social Media is a tool that allows high school students
interested in becoming Entrepreneurs the opportunity to
test the waters of personal business ventures. Technology
allows high school students the ability to catch the spirit
and excitement of Entrepreneurship early. Teens and
young adults are acknowledging that they want to be their
own bosses, call their own marketing and business decisions,
and have the options to work from home and at convenient
times so they can spend time with their families and enjoy

Using SM tools high school students can learn the intricacies
of networking and how to market their abilities and talents to
the correct business markets. Branding plays an important
element that helps equate themselves or position themselves
as experts, consultants, qualified interns, and even branding
as an asset to future careers. The first impression that business,
education and other commerce related entities receive is from
the Social Media presence of teens and young adults. The
power of SM can be seen as Human Resources now investigate
a person’s Social Media background before offering any personal
interviews. Social Media establishes a high school student’s
reputation outside of the educational environment, beyond the
classroom walls and brings individual skills to the forefront.

Using Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and
other SM tools, teens and young adults are connected to a broader
element of connectivity. Communication is continuous and
implementing multimedia elements creates a digital connection
very different from the past of beepers and antiquated phone calls.
Video has become a key element in video interviews, presentations
and video conferencing where a person is contacted off-site
and evaluated on the “fly” in a digital environment like Google
Talk, Google Chat, Skype or other interactive digital platforms.
A high schools students online presence creates the first impressions
of a person and sets the tone for continued interests, potential
collaborations, or it could result in being ignored and relegated
to digital obscurity and future embarrassment.

As a member of JCCI Forward, Impact Jax Education Initiative,
E3 Business Group of Northeast Florida what I share with
high school students during presentations and workshops  is to
establish a Branding and Marketing solution early. Use technology
to your advantage as early as freshman in high school to create a
dialogue and recognition of skills and talents. Improve writing
ability by blogging, so when taking SAT and ACT assessments
there is a writing experience and the ability to properly use grammar,
spelling, critical thinking and other communicative elements in writing.  

Anthony Butler, Sr. E3 Business Group -
shares this knowledge from his unique business training;
“So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur” training for new and growing
business owners. His profound statement that, “Knowledge is not powerful,
Applied knowledge is powerful,” shares that just having knowledge
does not mean you have business knowledge, marketing power, branding
knowledge, but the application of that knowledge along with Marketing
and Branding builds a person’s online business reputation.

Tiffany Duhart; - Marketing and Branding
consulting expert in Jacksonville, Florida and one of a very few women
to excel in using digital tools, shares that Marketing and Branding
can carry a high school student farther than they could ever go using
traditional methods of attending meetings, making phone calls, and
mailing letters. This is a digital age and digital tools are needed to be
seen and heard.

During the school year Juniors and Seniors will be focusing on higher
education, vocational education, military service, business schools, etc, as
they submit digital applications they must realize that once they submit their
information, they will be researched online and investigated. Their Facebook,
Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media sites are scrutinized.
Their digital content will determine if they are accepted or rejected.
High School students must learn early to create content that creates a digital
atmosphere of connectivity, productivity, maturity and progressive thinking.

There is no room for content that shows a disregard for self respect, video of
wild parties, use of profanity, involvement of potential criminal behaviors
and other activities that will hurt a person’s reputation these should be stopped.
High school students Build, Brand, Recognition, they share content
that will capture the attention of an audience that is interested in their talents
and abilities. This builds their credibility and will be a benefit in the future
when applying for higher education, internships and jobs.

High school students don’t expect Social Media to create opportunities to
make large amounts of money, use SM to build your reputation as being a
progressive leader in your area of expertise, a team player, open doors for
collaboration and new networking connections that create partnerships for
future progress.

If you do not have a mentor students apply the resources at E3 Business
Group, Impact Jax Education Initiative, JCCI Forward or check with your
school administration and guidance counselors. Use technology to
connect you to a great potential of growth and Entrepreneurship.

William Jackson, M.Edu.
STEM Educator, Speaker, Presenter
Blogger, Mentor, Parent,
Member of:
JCCI Forward
E3 Business Group
Impact Jax Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
First Coast Scholars of Duval County Public Schools
Zeta Phi Beta Debutante Cotillion Committee for Education
Mayor Alvin Brown’s Lean2Earn Experience
Inspirational Praise a Jacksonville based praise and worship
ministry and  youth advocacy program.  

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