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The Silent Power of Blogging
The Silent Power of Blogging

“The Silent Power of Blogging” is displayed in the applied knowledge and skill of Bloggers; the creation of digital content that engages readers to think and process dynamic and engaging digital information. Blogging is not limited to any gender, age nor culture. Centuries ago men and women made writing tools from fruits/berries, charcoal /chalk and then pen/pencil. Tools of the past applied to walls in caves, parchment early paper, then paper to share thoughts, feelings, historical events and personal stories; now in the 21st century digital tools with the infusion of technology.
Writing has changed over the centuries and technology has
influenced the process of writing creating a paradigm shift in
how to share information and the speed of transmission.
The purpose of prose (writing style) is still the same “to create
content and share information” William Jackson, M.Ed.

Blogging has transitioned from an Art form of the past to a
business that creates Brands and is Marketable globally.
The first Blog could be said of the words of Bibles. The
most purchased literature in the history of the world
easily transitioning from one format to another to meet the
needs of the reader. The Bibles of the world (Tanakh, Qur’an)
and others were the first reading material for those learning
to read especially Blacks during the time of slavery, other cultures
of the world also taught their youth how to read and just as
 importantly to comprehend using the scripture of religious
following. In the history of Blacks the writing and re-writing
of the Bible was also “The Silent Power of Blogging.”

In Jacksonville, Florida there is a growing assemblage of Bloggers
that share digital content on multiple Social Media platforms.
Each is talented and dedicated in their passion to Blogging, to
enlighten their respective communities.

WordPress conference held in Orlando, Florida shows how
valuable and empowering Blogging can be. The WordPress
conference was attended by:
Tiffany Duhart,  Ale’ta Turner,  Mickee Brown, Lee Brown,
Cheryl Jackson and William Jackson.

Sharing their talents of literary prose in Jacksonville, Florida
and surrounding communities. The assemblage of #Blerds
def. a black nerd; a nerd who is African-American
(Black Nerds) Bloggers have traveled to; Central Florida
Blogging Conference (Orlando, Fl), Bar Camp Tech Conference
(Orlando, Fl), Blogging While Brown a national/international
blogging conference in Philadelphia, Pa. and other gatherings.
These Bloggers have attended and conducted workshops,
Meetups, seminars and presented at conferences.

Each attends these events not just for personal gain, but to
inspire and engage young professionals, serve as role models for
other Bloggers of all cultures, provide political and social awareness
to issues that traditional media do not cover.

The involvement of Blogging and using Twitter to microblog has
grown from the first Tweet sent just 6 years ago on March 21, 2006
by Jack Dorsey to millions of Tweets weekly worldwide. Twitter used
by Blerds of Jacksonville to share content maintains a connection to a
growing movement of politics, non-profit organizations like JCCI / JCCI
Forward, Impact Jax and My Jax Chamber (Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce).

The influences of writing are growing even in education where student
writing is judged in FCAT, ACT, SAT, and other assessments that gauge
higher education admission, employment and even military service entrance
evaluates writing ability. Parents should encourage reading and writing in their
children to promote intellectual growth and world-wide connectivity.

Stated by Anne Lamott author, ”Write regularly and write in your own voice.
It is important to have pen and paper ready at all times to write random thoughts
that could be used in the writing process.”
The Jacksonville community,  as other communities nation-wide have a growing
Blogging presence that is driving media content, influential in reporting local
news, sharing political ideologies, dissemination digital content on local levels
that even rivals traditional news media.  Subscribing to follow these Bloggers to
 enlighten, empower and engage in our communities critical thinking that allows
a growth in the involvement of those who are digitally connected to become more
involved and engaged locally and nationally with issues that attract their
attention, stir emotions and demand to be recognized and acted upon.

Even Al Letson stated about writing at the
University of Florida Douglas Anderson Writers Festival to, "listen to the
voices in your head that guide and motivate you to put words down. To
be passionate about your craft, that gift God has blessed you with. Don’t
fight the voices or force them to be quiet, but allow their energy to flow and
move you in directions that maybe you would not have gone before."

“The Silent Power of Blogging” will always open mental doors that
encourage critical thinking, intellectual discussion, and a fire to ignite community
participation with issues that start the passions for what is important in all of us.

This blog is the collective creation of :
Cheryl Jackson, William Jackson, Ale’ta Turner, Tiffany Duhart,
Mickee Brown and Lee Brown
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William Jackson  -
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