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Rise of the Rockets at Andrew Robinson Elementary
Rise of the Rockets at Andrew Robinson Elementary

Congratulations to Andrew Robinson Elementary for being the FIRST Elementary School in DCPS to be honored National Elementary Honor Society

When there is vision for the betterment of children the
only way to move is to rise to the challenge to encourage
and engage greatness in students.

Through the leadership of Crystal Lewis, Principal of Andrew
Robinson Elementary duvalschools.org/are, the hard work
of administrative staff, creativity of academic coaches, and
support by Executive Director Cluster Dr. Sylvia.  
Even the support of community involved political statesmen
such a Florida State Senator Tony Hill part of Mayor Alvin
Brown’s administration.

The National Elementary Honor Society http://www.nehs.org/
 is an honor that no other elementary school in Duval County
Public Schools can claim.
The Rise of the Rockets are the first and finest in
receiving national recognition that honors the students
that attained three or higher on the Florida Comprehensive
Assessment Test (FCAT) and academic success in the classroom.
The first and the finest is the ultimate recognition and Andrew
Robinson Elementary an Inspirations School and Magnet School
of Pre-Engineering, Science and Mathematics has shown its potential
for academic success. Andrew Robinson Elementary has shown
that leadership, setting high expectations of success, guiding
classroom instruction that is data driven, purpose driven teaching
and the integration of STEAM  Science Technology Engineering
Arts and Mathematics aid in the growth and development of students.

The celebration of students and families was a scene of family
engagement with a spaghetti dinner provided by Sister2Sister
Catering (Cheryl Jackson and Prince Walker), fellowship,
conversations and the awarding of certificates
and medallions to students.

Over 200 parents and relatives attended the celebration of over
100 students. The evening was guided by the inspired words spoken
of Dr. Sylvia Johnson, whose writing talents are respected, followed
by the resounding message of the value of family, empowerment
of education and rewards of pursuing the best in each of the students
at Andrew Robinson Elementary.

Senator Hill spoke because of the strong support of parents, family
and friends that these students will continue to rise to greatness.
It takes the continued involvement of the community to keep all
students  on the road to academic greatness.

Concluding the evening was the heartfelt and passionate message by
Principal Crystal Lewis, she spoke to the importance of high expectations
for students, keeping on the course of continuous learning and how parents
and teachers  have a responsibility to work together to move students higher
than they think they can go.
In closing Mrs. Lewis statements pulsed the heartstrings of the parents and
family with tears, smiles and heads nodding in agreement to the Rise of
the Rockets of Andrew Robinson Elementary School National Elementary
Honor Society.

Event Photos at: http://photobucket.com/nehs

Video was taken by William Jackson on YouTube
Senator Tony Hilll

Dr. Sylvia Johnson, Cluster Chief Region 2

Principal Lewis

Catering services by Sister2Sister Catering

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