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Raines: More Than Old Memories
Raines: More Than Old Memories

Raines: More Than Old Memories

“We Remember Raines” is a must see for
families and communities. Not just a documentary
of one school during one point in time, but a
reflection of communities and levels of thinking
that needs to be shared even in the 21st century.

The eradication of negative thinking towards
education and defecation of mental constipation
can only come from continued dialogue and
proactive action of the community. Bringing
value to education and respect for educators.
William Jackson

The school year has started again and education
is in the forefront of thinking.
“We Remember Raines” by Emanuel Washington
has created a transformative and reflective
opportunity that surpasses “mere novelties and
old memories; and, not the essential resources
that we remembered them as” stated by
Casey E. Barnum.

Addressing the educational issues that were
prevalent in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’that slowly
and demonstratively eluded following generations. 
“We Remember Raines” shows that the value of
education and the empowerment of education
are one in the same when there are educators
that are dedicated to a community that some
seem to think are not worthy or valuable
enough to respect.

Casey E. Barnum, “Knowledge of Self & Self
Preservation offers the only remedy for us not
reliving that type of regrettable history, again.”
The reality is that “We Remember Raines” offers
hope, transformative reflection and the direction
to Self Preservation. This self preservation
is shown during the history of Raines, a time
where teachers looked like their community,
were involved in their communities, and there
was not a line that separated a community by
class or status. The community was of one
goal, to raise each generation to be better than
the next, only through the empowerment of
education could this be accomplished.

Educators were respected and revered, embraced
by the community because common sense
dictated that educators were the true tools
to help escape from poverty and the self
damnation of ignorance.  Educators were the
true role models, not rappers that poison children’s
minds with self promotion of hatred and acceptance
of slave mentalities. Women that accept being
looked at as only sex slaves and demoted worse
by their own Black kind than the slave owners of
the past. Our music industry has made it cool to be
a sex object, but a curse to be educated and intelligent.

"When you control a man's thinking you do
not have to worry about his actions. You do
not have to tell him not to stand here or go
yonder. He will find his 'proper place' and
will stay in it.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson
”We Remember Raines” showed that
”the proper place” is as scholars, statesmen
and women, leaders and the commonality
of cultural advancement and recognition.

Individual homes formed a microcosm of
the community, the unity of a community
that embraced each other. Why have we
drifted away from education and collective
unity that once elevated the masses?
What would Dr. King, Malcolm X, or
Carter G. Woodson think of Blacks today?
How can our communities, “eradicate our
educational woes; insight our students,
schools and community to change for the
better!” as Casey E. Branum poetically
and passionately states.  The essential
leaders of change were educators, the men
and women that understood the heartbeat
of the community and the cognitive
application of educational attainment.

The recent viewing of “We Remember Raines”
a documentary shown at WJCT studios once
again displayed that there was not a buy in to
education, but something akin to a spiritual
mission to educate youth. If there ever was a
“Holy Spirit” of education it could be found at Raines.

Raines may have cost over 2 million dollars to
build, but the value of education that resided
inside its wall was worth more than any amount
of silver or gold. The entertainment industry has
allowed us to buy our own ignorance and damn
educational empowerment. Raines showed that
Knowledge is Power and Applied Knowledge
is more Powerful and All Encompassing.

Do not discount the influence of this historic
institution when the teachers of this great school
before desegregation commanded respect on
local and national attentions. William M. Raines
was more than just a high school it was a “College
Prep” institution before such a term was every truly
awarded. Raines helped to build young men and
women to become responsible and accountable for
their actions. Their reputations precede their
accomplishments for educational, athletic, and
vocational greatness.  An institution can only be 
influential if a moral foundation is created with
quality leadership.

The term “Highly Qualified” was already established
and practiced at Raines because of the seriousness the
Raines teachers took to their own educational
empowerment. Teachers at Raines held advanced
degrees to prove that they walked the walk and talked the
talk when sharing with the students and the community
that education will carry you through life. Allowing for
those with education to experience life not from the side
lines of self imposed ignorance, but the enlightenment of
understanding and Knowledge of Self & Self Preservation.

Malcolm X stated that, “Education is the passport to the
future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Tomorrow is here and the future is now, as FCAT assesses
the cognitive developmental aspects of children, education will
always continue to be a transformative institution that cannot
allow just one flawed assessment to define a school and a community.

Tho hope that embrace education will become free of the bondage
of mental slavery. Breaking the chains of intellectual castration
that leads to economic subjugation and releasing the chains of
self imposed servitude.

“We Remember Raines” is a must see for middle and high
school students. Not just a documentary of one school during
one point in time, one long ago ere, but a reflection of
communities and levels of thinking that needs to be shared
even in the 21st century. The reason why generations were
able to thrive and excel academically, not just
athletically because administrators and educators did not bother
with egos and agendas. They set their sites on a higher calling, a
calling similar to a spiritual understanding that a higher being was
in charge and they were his instruments to free a people from
inequality, ignorance and cognitive bondage. A people that
embrace education will be a people that will obtain political,
social and economic power.

”We Remember Raines,” because we cannot afford to forget.

Photos of WJCT reviewing of “We Remember Raines”

Dedicated to Team Booh..... KNB
for the inspiration and encouragement.

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