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JCCI Forward and We Remember Raines
JCCI Forward and We Remember Raines

JCCI Forward and We Remember Raines

A community is democratic only when the humblest
and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil,
economic, and social rights that the biggest and most
powerful possess.  Philip Randolph

An evening to Remember….

Education is the great equalizer, an equitable
educational system is needed to empower and engage
learning equally for all students. William Jackson

The opportunity to share in dialogue about the
progressive nature and transformative events of the
past 30 years. How public education has taken a turn
for the better or worse. The historical changes from
policies, desegregation, parental involvement and
faculty accountability. These elements have a profound
effect not just on Raines, but Duval County Public Schools
and the move from a traditional Southern mentality towards
educational diversity and inclusion.

On Wednesday, August 8th at WJCT Studios JCCI
Forward's JAXFACTs: We Remember Raines Screenings
will be shown and allow a public dialogue on public education.
An honest reflection on the direction education has made and
where it could possibly end up.

This; An Evening To Remember is not just about Raines High
School, although this is the center piece to create a momentum
of discussion, but how the value and empowerment of education
has changed. The inclusion of standards, benchmarks, state
assessments, changes in graduation requirements and more.

Each time We Remember Raines is shown it brings about
an awakening to the confirmative nature of education has made
over the years. The changes in the acceptance of student and parent
behaviors, attacks on the validity of public education in a digital
world and the effects  of a growing diverse student body whose
value structure has been changed by digital influences and social
inconsistencies in supporting public education.

We Remember Raines; a recent 2012 Jacksonville Historic
Preservation Award-winning documentary! It is a must see for
the Jacksonville community. The value of education is present,
teachers are held accountable by parents and administrators,
student’s successes are shared and celebrated.

The Jacksonville community is invited to join JCCI Forward for
a screening of the 2012 Jacksonville Historic Preservation Award
winning documentary, "We Remember Raines."

Director and Raines alumnus Emanuel Washington’s captures the
essence of how one school inspired a whole community. Part history
book, but mostly high school yearbook, the film starts with Jacksonville’s
beginnings, then into consolidation and the school district’s decades-long
battle over desegregation and Raines’ birth.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 5:30pm until 8:30pm
5:30 - Wine & Cheese Reception and Networking
6:00 - Documentary Screening followed by Talkback Panel

RSVP Today to Join us!
Location: WJCT, 100 Festival Park Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Contact: Michelle Simkulet, michelle@jcci.org 
RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/337654159650871/

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