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First the good news, Chrysler confirmed this week it will be reopen Detroit’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant next year to build the next-generation SRT Viper.

Now the confusing news, the next -generation Viper won’t be a Dodge.  Chrysler dropped the Dodge name in its news release, instead calling it the SRT Viper.  Several automotive websites, including Car & Driver, reached out for confirmation – and got it – that the Viper will no longer be branded as a Dodge. 

You may remember Chrysler did something similar with the Dodge Ram series of pick-up trucks, rebranding them as Rams.  SRT has traditionally been the performance tuning arm of Chrysler, Dodge and more recently, Jeep.

Chrysler didn’t go into any detail about what we can expect other than to say the new Viper will roll off the line in late 2012 as a 2013.

“We’re extremely excited that our ultimate American sports car will continue to live on and be produced exclusively here in the Motor City,” said Ralph Gilles, President and Chief Executive Officer - SRT Brand and Motorsports, Chrysler Group LLC.

Speculation has run rampant as to whether the next-gen Viper will hold onto its raw styling and V-10 tradition or perhaps pick up some Ferrari or Alfa Romeo-based parts thanks to Fiat’s stake in Chrysler.

Given the confirmation that the next Viper will once again be built at Conner Avenue, my bet is Chrysler will roll it out along with all the details at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show next month.

2013 Dodge Dart interior revealed

Dodge continues to increase the trickle of information about the return of the Dodge Dart.  Last week  two exterior shots  were released.  This week we’ve got two interior shots of what will be an Alfa-Romeo Giulietta sourced ride. 

The new Dart will include a customizable 7-inch gauge cluster, 8.4-inch Uconnect touch screen, heated steering wheel and illuminated floating island bezel along with 10 standard airbags. 

Customization looks to be a key ingredent for the Dart. It will be available with 12 exterior colors, 14 interior color and trim combinations, six wheel options, three engine options and three transmissions.  The combinations will multiply exponentially, as Mopar will also offer hundreds of customization options and themed packages specifically developed for the Dart.

Chrysler has confirmed the Dart will be unveiled at the Detroit show next month, although there's no word yet if it will make to the Jacksonville International Car and Truck Show in February.  It will be built in Illinois, replacing the Dodge Caliber.



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