Photo Gallery | Doctors Turn Up Noses for Local Students

Robb Lockerman's 10th-grade anatomy class at Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School participated in the school's third annual Sinus Anatomy Day. The event was facilitated by Medtronic Surgical Technologies.

The sinus anatomy studies began in Darnell-Cookman's multipurpose room with a presentation by Dr. Pinheiro-Neto and Dr. Peris-Celda from Medtronic. Dr. Pinheiro-Neto then discussed the surgical procedure, nasopharyngoscopy, in which surgeons can examine the internal surfaces of the nose and throat.

The 10th-grade students traveled from Darnell-Cookman to the UF Shands Simulation Center across the street for various lab activities. The labs reinforce the sinus anatomy lessons learned in the initial presentation.

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