Photo Gallery | Courthouse moving costs: What a spare $340,000 can buy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The move into the new courthouse is said to have cost about $340,000, and there's no word on how much additional moving expenses will cost at this point in time. For most of us $340,000 is not chump change, so First Coast News looked into what $340,000 can get you these days.

The moving costs are in addition to the $750,000 city council voted to spend to furnish hearing rooms on the seventh floor at the beginning of May, adding almost an additional $1 million to a project originally slated to cost $190 million in 2000 as part of the Better Jacksonville Plan.

The expenses will likely continue to tally up as the city moves back into the old courthouse temporarily and rents furniture until the new courthouse officially opens at an unknown date in the future.

We've compiled some of the most appealing options for spending $340,000.

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