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Man's SS Number Shows up in Stranger's Criminal Record

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Richard Cuff said his Social Security number was being used by someone with a criminal history. 

"I would have never seen this coming," said Cuff.

The former manager of the Jacksonville Symphony youth orchestra is in the process of starting the "All about Kids Academy" and was required to pass a background check.

He did.

"I've been good to check with the credit bureau report and pull my credit every year," said Cuff, who told On Your Side he went to the sheriff's office and ran a background check using just his Social Security number.

He was surprised. "The police officer called me over and said 'we've got a problem'. I said 'what's the problem'? There's someone else using your Social Security number and I was shock," he said.

According to a copy of the person's criminal history report, his Social Security number is part of the arrest history of a woman who has been in jail on charges of driving under the influence, careless driving and battery.

"This one woman with my Social Security had two other Social Security numbers in the JSO computer,"  said Cuff.

JSO spokesperson Melissa Bujeda said arresting officers usually just record what the suspect tells them, unless they get the information from a driver's license.

Cuff said this is clearly a hole in the system, but he doesn't want to blame the police department.

Since your Social Security number could be part of a criminal record without your knowledge, checking criminal records is important. 

"Until they can give us assurance that they're doing everything in their power to be certain this doesn't happen, then I say we have to be on guard," said Cuff.

He is in the process of trying to clear his Social Security number from the sheriff's arrest records through JSO. And he has filed a fraud complaint.

Cuff said this could easily be the result of someone entering the information incorrectly, nevertheless he wants it corrected.

JSO spokesperson Bujeda said arrest records are not classified by Social Security numbers; they are grouped by fingerprints.

She said when someone is arrested, they're fingerprinted and when those prints come back they tell police the suspect's identity. Anyone with a similar problem should go to the JSO public records counter in the Police Memorial building, said Bujeda.                     


















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