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First Coast News gets prepared for storms, too

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Just like you prepare your house and family for a storm, we at First Coast News prepare our station and our hurricane prep is already underway.

Covering a hurricane is unlike anything else. And to be able to stay safe and on air throughout it, planning begins before a storm even nears our shores.


While producers work out logistics of our coverage plan, the photographers are checking cameras and equipment, because the worst time to have a problem is in the middle of the storm.

"You gotta take everything you think you might need, things you think you might not," said photographer Bo Harris. "Double socks, double...everything."

Around the station, bags are packed full of food and clothes ready to go at any moment. A crew of seven left early this morning from our station, heading for Tampa, including Lewis Turner and Kaitlyn Ross.

"Not two, but three pairs of rain gear I am bringing with me!" Ross said.

And like many of you that live by the water,so do we, right on the St. Johns River and possible flooding is big factor in our plans.

If a storm was powerful enough to flood our main station, our engineers are readying a backup studio on the Southside where our entire crew would evacuate to and we would never have to go off the air.

And as the newsroom preps and plans, our meteorologists are number crunching...

We are looking at thousands of things," said meteorologist Mike Prangley. "See all these scribbles and notepads of notes, what I am seeing from the latest models."

Because every detail is important when getting information over the airwaves to you.


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