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Cold motivation: 'Think warm thoughts'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- With Jacksonville temperature records set to crumble overnight, it's clear the warm run we've had while the rest of the country suffers is over.

But, of course, every thing is relative. 

While we'll have morning temperatures in the teens in places, with wind chills around zero possible, other parts of the country have it much worse.

We spoke to Ken Ewert, a college student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the phone today. 

He was just finishing up running some errands outside when we touched base.

"It's -42 here right now," he said. "Well, it says it's -13 but with the wind chill it's -42."

He's pretty tough by many accounts. He plays football in short sleeves in this weather and says it's not a problem for him.

"I've been out in it all day. It's just something you get used to."

His motivation and advice for us in North Florida in Southeast Georgia, who will still be some 50 degrees warmer than he is: 

"Think warm thoughts. Don't let the cold control you."


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