“Save High School Golf Open” in Response to Duval County Budget Cuts

“Save High School Golf Open” in Response to  Duval County Budget Cuts

Signs-N-Motion, a Jacksonville-based sign design and development company, is hosting a golf tournament on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at Windsor Parke Golf Club in an effort to raise funds to save high school golf in Duval County.

Education budget cuts recently approved by the State of Florida will likely mean the end of several sports in Duval County schools, including golf, cross country, lacrosse, and several others, according to the chairman of the Duval County School Board. The county must raise $70,000.00 by August 1st in order to take high school golf off the chopping block.

Testimony To Teaching

Testimony To Teaching

Never Would Have Made It Without You…
Never would have made it, never could have made it,
without you. I would have lost it all, but now I see how
you were there for me.” Marvin Sapp

The graduation ceremony at Andrew Robinson Elementary
was comparable to the commencement service of a College/University.
This was the intent of Crystal Lewis Principal of ARE; from the model
of “College Preparation” that was a motto of the year for all grades.
Incorporating a frame of mind for college, academic performance and
future acceptance in college. The level of academic performance and
ownership of learning; the “NOW” No Opportunity Wasted initiative.
Learning is continuous and no opportunity is wasted to provide
instruction. The prominence of the graduation ceremony inspired the
fifth grade students, parents, family members and friends to continue

Who's Behind Effort To Save High School Sports?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Golfing is one of the high school sports in jeopardy, but not if Mike Lynch can help it.

"We can't let this happen, this is silly," said Lynch.

A dozen varsity and middle school programs are targeted to be cut in Duval County Public Schools to save an estimated $500,000. The school board started its budget cutting mission needing to slash $91 million from the budget.  

Now, several groups headed by sports advocates like Lynch are organizing to solicit money from private donors to keep the sports.

Lynch heads the NF-PGA Northern chapter. He and Boots Farley of the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation created a non-profit group to raise the money to save high school golf.

"We have had situations in the past and we came through; we will take care of this," said Farley.

Reading is Fundamentally Fun

Reading is Fundamentally Fun

 by William (Coach) Jackson and Nancy (Fancy Nancy) Rentz
Andrew Robinson Elementary

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these
is roots; the other, wings."Hodding Carter

The Reading Celebration at Andrew Robinson Elementary was attended by characters
from storybooks ranging from the Cat In The Hat, High School Musical, Clifford The
Big Red Dog, Naruto, Star Wars, Captain Under Pants, Spiderman, Billy Goat Gruff,
Skippy John Jones, Ramona Quimby, other novels, kids books and works of fiction
and nonfiction. Grades Pre-K to fifth experience the joy, excitement and imagination
gained from reading diverse books. ARE embraces reading that opens doors to the
imagination, has a lifelong value and direct impact on future success academically
and career choices.

The pictures from the recent Reading Celebration shows the value reading has and the

ELC of Duval Designates $900,000 in Wage Incentives

Local child care teachers are receiving wage incentives from the Early Learning Coalition of Duval (ELC of Duval) for their contributions to providing quality early-learning services in Duval County.  ELC of Duval has designated $900,000 towards this initiative. ELC of Duval hopes this money will not only reward qualified child care professionals but also provide a boost for our local economy.

Duval County Public Schools' Provides Breakfast and Lunch This Summer to Children Under 18

Duval County Public Schools will be participating in the Summer Food Service Program during the months of June, July and August.

Transportation Cuts for 5,000 DCPS Students in the Works

Transportation Cuts for 5,000 DCPS Students in the Works

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Within four years, Duval County Public Schools are considering cutting transportation to all secondary Magnet schools.

Parents of the first 5,000 students affected say it's not fair to working parents.

One of those parents is single mom, Charlene West.

"He's a good student because I made sure he went to good schools that were going to teach him," West says of her son, A.J. Mitchell. "I, as a parent, did my part by making sure he did his homework and learned what he was supposed to learn."

Every day after school, Mitchell rides the bus home from Stanton.

While he waits for his single mother Charlene West to get home from work, he does the dishes and his homework.

Stanton is one of the seven Magnet schools potentially losing transportation.

According to a letter sent home with students, James Weldon Johnson, Landon, Darnell-Cookman, Kirby Smith, Lavilla, and Paxon are also on the list.