Hazing/Bullying: Duality of Physical Violence

Hazing/Bullying: Duality of Physical Violence

Hazing/Bullying: Duality of Physical Violence

William Jackson, M.Ed.

The issue of Hazing and Bullying has created a new level
of concern for parents sending their children to college.
The elevated incidence of injuries and harm (physical,
emotional, psychological) and deaths of those falling victim
to the violence that is the result of inflicting suffering and
pain upon another person.

Bullying has many forms from verbal harassment, sexual
assaults (and favors), cyber threats and physical attacks.  
All used to create an environment of fear, trepidation and
compliance to the wishes of the tormentor(s). Hazing is
the execution of psychological manipulation, physical
violence and emotional persuasion to create conditions
of servitude (serving those who execute hazing) and
creating circumstances of acceptance for violence and
humiliation to gain entrance into an organization.

Vote No on House Bill 4057 to Save PE in Our Middle Schools!

Vote No on House Bill 4057 to Save PE in Our Middle Schools!

The American Heart Association strongly opposes House Bill 4057, by State Representative Larry Metz, removing the requirement for Middle School Physical Education. 

An African American Legacy of Education

An African American Legacy of Education

Gemini One Films in association with a
Maximum Films and Private Side Media

a documentary about the history and legacy of
William M Raines High School, Jacksonville, FL
An African American Legacy of Education, Athletics
Community Growth and Cultural Unity

Florida Gets Flexibility Waiver from US Department of Education


The U.S. Department of Education today approved Florida’s request for a flexibility waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Florida was one of 11 states asking for flexibility with regard to accountability standards mandated by the No Child Left Behind legislation implemented in 2001. The state requested the waiver to be able to move to a single statewide accountability system that would eliminate duplicative regulation and make Florida’s system easier to understand.

First Coast News Crew Captures Event at Center of Gingrich Lawsuit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Ron Paul supporter has filed a lawsuit against Newt Gingrich, after he says someone with his campaign stomped on his foot.

First Coast News had two cameras covering the event and captured multiple images of the man, although we did not get video of the alleged stomping.

Edward Dillard says his foot was fractured by Gingrich's security team after voting Tuesday in the Orlando suburb of Windermere.

Dillard was wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt and holding a sign when Gingrich arrived. The lawsuit claims a "swarm" of security guards from Patriot Group International surrounded Dillard and one stomped on his foot while he was wearing open sandals, causing a fracture.

Legislature Takes First Step to Open School Playgrounds Across the State

Legislature Takes First Step to Open School Playgrounds Across the State

 House Bill 431 will allow schools to open up their facilities for children during non-school hours giving access to publicly funded
playgrounds and athletic fields.

Tallahassee, FL (Wednesday, January 25, 2012) – The American Heart Association applauds the House Education K-20 Competitiveness Committee for taking step towards providing   opportunities for Florida’s children, who desperately need time for unstructured play and exercise. 

Gingrich Arrives in Jacksonville Days Before Election

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrinch arrived at First Baptist Church about an hour later than scheduled on Sunday, but still got a round of applause from people there.

He arrived shortly before 6 p.m., refusing to take questions and moving quickly into the church.

Since he arrived so late, he was seated near the back of the room. He listened to guest speaker Joel Rosenberg then was introduced. He left about a minute after being introduced to the congregation.

He is staying overnight in Jacksonville before an event Monday morning starting at 8 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront. Ronald Reagan's eldest son, Michael, will also be there.

Mitt Romney will also be here Monday morning at a rally at Ring Power Lift Trucks.