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City Goes Online for Budget Feedback
City Goes Online for Budget Feedback

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- City hall is reaching out to taxpayers online for feedback on a billion dollar budget and guidance on where tax dollars should be spent.

This week, the city of Jacksonville launched an online survey complete with budget background on 11 divisions in city government.  The survey asks respondents to rank the value of services from "want more" to "don't want."

Earlier this year fewer than 200 people took part in five budget workshops sponsored by the city to explain the budget and complete a similar survey. This is the second year the mayor's office has taken the budget into communities.

The online survey will reach a much bigger audience for feedback. The city this year is projecting a $60 million shortfall - a number that could climb higher.

"It is about transparency and accountability," said Skip Cramer, a Jacksonville Community Council spokesperson, who will be involved in tabulating the survey results.

He applauds the city for reaching out by using technology to engage taxpayers in the decisions, he said.

"This is a great way to help build trust by getting people involved in the process," said Cramer.

The survey will be online for two weeks ending May 2.


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