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City Council Candidate: "I Thank God for Slavery"
City Council Candidate: "I Thank God for Slavery"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kimberly Daniels doesn't shy away from her past, which is obvious in a YouTube video put together by the activist group Truth Wins Out.

Daniels is in a run-off against David Taylor for the At-Large Group 1 seat on City Council.

She offers her story candidly in an interview on the video; she says there are examples of how she has found God's grace.

"I wound up going to Florida State and getting addicted to drugs," she told the interviewer in the video. "Then dealing drugs, getting addicted to drugs and winding up in prostitution."

According to its website, Truth Wins Out (TWO) is an organization that fights anti-gay speech and religious extremism.

The group says it doesn't like her comments regarding exorcism of homosexuals. It also said she should step down because of her comments about slavery.

"I thank God for slavery," she said, during a sermon shown in the video. "I thank God for the crack house. If it wasn't for the crack house, God wouldn't use me the way he is using me. And if it wasn't for slavery, I might be somewhere in Africa worshiping a tree."

In a quick snippet edited into the video, she talks about Jews and the Holocaust, though it's so fast that the context of the comments is inaudible.

However, the edited segment shows Daniels saying, "You can talk about the Holocaust, but the Jews own everything."

The executive director and creator of TWO, Wayne Besen, said  he's not interested in hearing an apology from Daniels.

"There is nothing she can say that would erase and change what she has said about Jewish and gay people," he said during a telephone interview.

"She has no excuse," he continued, "When you say things like that, you need to step down."

Despite multiple attempts to reach Daniels at her campaign office and church today, she did not return calls.

Her competitor in the council race, David Taylor, referred questions to his consultant, John Daigle.

Daigle said the campaign didn't want to comment about the issue. He continued by saying his candidate had nothing to do with the video, and that they had never heard of TWO.

The run-off election is May 17.


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