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Alvin Brown Names Transition Team
Alvin Brown Names Transition Team

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Mayor-Elect Alvin Brown named his transition team today.  These are the advisors who will help him create his strategic plan and plan for his permanent staff.

The transition team:

Education and Children: Betty Burney, Dr. Kerry Romesburg

Legal: Neil Henrichsen, Paul Perez

Military Affairs: Donnie Homer, Bobby Stein

Inter-Governmental Relations: Cyrus Jollivette, State Rep. Mike Weinstein

Strategic co-chairs: Peter Rummell, the Rev. Henry Rhim, Delores Weaver

Co-chair: Audrey Moran

Co-chair: State Sen. Tony Hill

Boards and Commissions: Charles "Bucky" Clarkson, Robert Spohrer

Budget and Finance: Charlie Appleby, Matt Carlucci

Downtown Revitalization: Dr. Chester Aikens, Bob Rhodes

Economic Development: A. Hugh Greene, State Rep. Mia Jones

Brown emphasized his transition team will be reflective of his administration. "It's not about Democrats or Republicans, but about Jacksonville."

Audrey Moran, a former Republican candidate for mayor, said she is proud to unite with Brown and help move his mission forward. "If the make-up of this committee is any reflection on how Mayor-Elect Brown is going to unite our community, I would say we are in very, very good hands."

There will be 18 fact finding policy committees busy at work over the next month, determining how the incoming mayor can most efficiently create more jobs and balance the budget, while also improving public safety and education. 

The jobs of all current city employees who were hired by current Mayor John Peyton's administration are at stake.

"I think we are going to look for the best and the brightest, and maybe some of the individuals who are in government now who are appointed are going to stay," said Brown.


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