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First Coast News Crew Captures Event at Center of Gingrich Lawsuit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Ron Paul supporter has filed a lawsuit against Newt Gingrich, after he says someone with his campaign stomped on his foot.

First Coast News had two cameras covering the event and captured multiple images of the man, although we did not get video of the alleged stomping.

Edward Dillard says his foot was fractured by Gingrich's security team after voting Tuesday in the Orlando suburb of Windermere.

Dillard was wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt and holding a sign when Gingrich arrived. The lawsuit claims a "swarm" of security guards from Patriot Group International surrounded Dillard and one stomped on his foot while he was wearing open sandals, causing a fracture.

First Coast News' multimedia journalists Steve Berrios and Kaitlyn Ross both captured images of Dillard on the campaign trail. Berrios' first shot at the event shows Dillard standing alone, before many other people, including Gingrich, arrived at the polling place.

Ross' video shows Dillard battling his sign with someone else's Gingrich sign.

Ron Paul's campaign called for Gingrich to apologize. Messages left Saturday with Gingrich's campaign and Patriot Group were not immediately returned.

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $75,000.



 "I have heard absolutely nothing about [Dillard] being aggressive in any way," says Dillard's lawyer, Andrew Spark. "A reporter from Yahoo! ... observed the intentional act of smashing my client's foot."

Ron Paul posted a picture of the man's injured foot, claiming it was at the hands of Gingrich security.


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