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Mayor Brown's Statement on Sale of Jaguars to Shahid Khan


Mayor Alvin Brown has released this statement on today’s NFL owners’ vote regarding the Jacksonville Jaguars:

“As mayor, I welcome Mr. Khan to Jacksonville and encourage all of our residents and Jaguars fans to do the same. Mr. Khan’s stated commitment to keeping our team in Jacksonville has done so much to energize the Jaguars’ fan base and create a tremendous sense of optimism about the future of the team.

Mr. Khan gives us an inspiring story of how hard work and determination are key ingredients in personal success. I hope he will decide to make a home in Jacksonville. Downtown would be a great place to live.

As mayor, I’m committed to helping Mr. Khan. The Jaguars are our team and as a city we should do everything we can to make our new team owner and his family feel welcome.

I also acknowledge Wayne Weaver for doing the due diligence in selecting a successor who would honor Jacksonville’s interests in remaining an NFL city. As we enter this new era for the Jaguars, I want to thank Wayne and Delores Weaver for their many years of ownership of the team and leadership in our community.”

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