Police Shooting in St. Nicholas; 1 Person Dead, 1 Injured

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A bail bondsman was fatally shot, and another critically injured during the wee hours this morning in a police-involved shooting at the Mayfair Village Apartments on Beach Boulevard. 

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Director John Hartley said officers initially were called to the apartments to assist the bondsmen. When no one answered the door of the apartment, the officers left.

Hartley said a short time later a woman inside the apartment called 911.

The woman told dispatchers there were three armed men wearing masks outside her apartment.

Jacksonville Loses Counter-Terrorism Grant

Jacksonville Loses Counter-Terrorism Grant

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "There's still a lot of angry people out there, and they want to send a message. And we need to be prepared for it," said Emergency Management Director Martin Senterfitt.

He says terrorism is still a real threat in Jacksonville, and losing the federal Urban Area Security Initiative grant increases the risk of an attack.

"By cutting our funding, that makes us the largest communities that aren't funded. And so that's our concern. We really believe the dollars are important," said Senterfitt.

Over the past six years, the grant has been worth more than $40 million dollars to Jacksonville. But this year's federal budget cut $780 million dollars to security grants across the country, so the bigger cities with a perceived bigger threat got the leftover money.

New Mayor - New Direction

New Mayor - New Direction

As an African-American male, this election has shown that Jacksonville has matured;
there is a change of mindset, a change toward psychological acceptance for a new vision.
A desire and need to seek another direction for the unification of a divided community.
Jacksonville has continued to grow into a community that is embracing its diversity and
understands that in order to grow into a progressive 21st century metropolis it is time
for a new course of thinking, a new path for leadership and providing an opportunity
for someone (Alvin Brown) with a new vision to lead our community.

Endeavour Heat Shields Damaged

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Damaged heat shields on the Endeavour's underbelly have NASA engineers concerned about the health of the space shuttle.

The heat shields are designed to protect the craft when it re-enters the extreme temperatures of the earth's atmosphere.

Seven places on the shuttle were damaged during the launch on Monday- though engineers have already cleared 5 of those spots because they don't pose any significant threat.

The astronauts will take a closer look at the 2 remaining places tomorrow- and if those places are enough of a problem, they'll have to do what's called a focused inspection in space.

NASA takes any damage to those heat shields very seriously since they were a contributing factor to the Columbia Shuttle Disaster of 2003 which killed seven astronauts.

Mayor-Elect Brown Zeroes in on Downtown

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In honoring a commitment he made months ago before being elected mayor, Alvin Brown shared breakfast with downtown business owners at a Chamber of Commerce function.

"I want 10-15,000 people living downtown," the mayor-elect said as he re-affirmed his vision to jumpstart Downtown and make it a destination.

Brown intends to bring back the Downtown Development Authority in some form to lead the charge, he said.  That authority several years ago was disbanded in a move to save money.

Amid Push for Unity, Jacksonville Residents Have Eyes on Brown


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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- Alvin Brown is the seventh mayor since consolidation in 1968, and the first African American mayor in Jacksonville's history.

But his focus during his victory speech today at City Hall was not ethnicity. It was unity. "This win isn't about party, this victory is about Jacksonville and its future," said Brown.

Brown defeated Republican Mike Hogan with the help of several Republicans who crossed party lines to back the Democrat. He will have a bipartisan administration, Brown said, because the future of the city demands unity.

Does it Work? Home Edition: The Nook Color

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Harry Docteur is a video installer, a gadget geek and never would have considered the NOOK color until we gave him one to test.

"I had to reformat this a couple of times; once I got it right the way I wanted to, then it was actually easy," he said.

It was easy to use and easy to like, he said.

"Once I registered with Barnes & Noble, it provided me with these extra books to read," said Docteur.

The NOOK Color is first an e-reader, but it also has been updated and now it will do much more.

"I just surfed the web and saw what other people did with the NOOK, so I just followed their steps and personalized it the way I want to," he added.

Now his e-reader is a gaming machine, and he uses it to send e-mails and surf the web. "When I found out its potential, I was more interested in it," he said.