Jaguars, Nike unveil team's new uniforms | News

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Jaguars, Nike unveil team's new uniforms

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms Tuesday, during a presentation full of flash and marketing buzzwords.

And while tastes in clothing are subjective, I think my sartorial
expertise allows me to say with authority - these things are kind of

The helmets fade from matte black to gold, which is vaguely interesting. And the new logo looks better than the old one, for sure.

But from the futuristic fonts of the numbers (apparently it's edgy
and modern and aggressive) to the mishmash of color combinations, they
still look like something out of Rollerball or the XFL.

All that said, there's one important fact I'd be remiss to not point
out: As an old, nonpartisan, non-gear purchaser, the NFL, the Jaguars
and Nike could give a rip what I think.


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