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New bullying allegations at a First Coast school

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's been one week since a First Coast mother said she could have lost her daughter to bullying. Police say the fight took place a block away from Oceanway Middle School last Thursday. That's where they say Aria Jewett was lured to a nearby store where another girl was waiting.

Jewett was then kicked while on the ground and her head hit a stone wall, according to police. Three teenagers were taken into custody and one faces a felony battery charge. First Coast News has recieved a lot of emails and phone calls since reporting on that incident.

FCN contacted Scott Lewis after he reached out to us to share the story of his son James, who is in the sixth grade. 

"He all of a sudden, didn't want to go to school," Lewis said.

This alleged bullying started last year at Joseph Stilwell Middle School on the Westside. Lewis is familiar with the dangers of bullying, as he teaches Cub Scouts how to handle these types of situations. 

"They put a sticker on his back that said, 'Kick me.' So the kids were going around kicking him, so he finally had enough."

During our interview, Lewis made a claim that caught our attention. 

He said, "Guidance counselor rounded up all the boys, it was like five of them total, and James told the story and James didn't say anything, so she walked over and put a 'kick me' sticker on their backs and said 'you can kick them all.' And he said 'that wouldn't be fair.'"

Here's what Lewis' 11-year-old son claims happened next. 

"So the guidance counselor kicked them and she asked them how it felt, and they said they didn't like it," Lewis told us. Lewis said the alleged kick was almost a light foot to rear-end tap.

Immediately after the interview just before 2:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon, FCN called Brenda Jordan, the principal of Joseph Stilwell to confirm if this really happened. They referred us to the communications office at the district.

Duval County Public Schools spokesperson Marsha Oliver said she spoke to the principal of the school. Jordan told Oliver that she has no knowledge of the incident and has heard no complaints about such an incident happening. If parents have heard of this incident happening, Jordan told Oliver she wants them to come forward.

Oliver said such an incident is against school district policy and they are looking into it further.

If you have children who may have been in the office during this alleged situation, FCN would like to hear from you.


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