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94-year-old left homeless by fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The house at 227 Bronson street is being demolished.

"What happened is it burned up," said Flora Davis,"When I left here it was alright."

For more than 30 years this was home for 94-year-old Flora Davis.

"It is paid for, land and all," she said," but I did not have insurance, that is my trouble."

Davis, who retired from the local cigar factory, and lives on a retirement and a social security check, let her insurance lapse. She said she couldn't afford it.

So at 94 years of age Flora Davis is homeless.

"It is kind of rough," she said,"but then you have to take the bitter with the sweet." 

Davis added,"if you can't do no better you can't do no better, but Jesus Christ is above all."

The fire gutted her home on Super Bowl Sunday, she lost everything.

The property had several code violations since 1998, junk vehicles, unsafe structures, after the fire it was no longer safe to live in.

"Yes, I could use some help," said Davis. 

Davis is now staying at a motel, along with her grandson Kayon Dunson.

"I remember just crying," said Dunson,"it feel like a part of my life was taken from me."

Because of the structural risk the city declared an emergency and hired a contractor to raze the house. The cost is $22k; a lien will be placed on the property to recover the cost. 

"We need funds to help us get another house," said Dunson.

Flora Davis has set up an account at Vystar Credit Union; but instead of focusing on her needs, her focus is her faith.

"I believe God did it for his purpose," she said.

She said,"it is one day at a time, but when you're 94 and homeless, it is not easy."

"I said, Lord let me be easy these few days I am here,' said Davis. 




















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