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Gay rights advocate takes City Council to task

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An internationally known gay rights advocate is taking on the Jacksonville City Council.

Dan Savage has a column published internationally, a show on MTV and makes guest appearances on national talk shows, but Tuesday he was in Jacksonville, and taking on the City Council.

Savage is in town to speak to students at Jacksonville University on a wide range of topics, sex education, freedom of expression, and bullying.

He says all of them apply to the City Council.

Savage was referring to HRO-296 which was narrowly defeated last year.

The bill would have protected the LGBT community from discrimination, but it didn't pass by one vote.

For that reason alone, Savage thinks the council should be voted out.

"The City Council needs to understand that this is not going away, the issue will be before them again, and they need to give up and give in, and give people this, or they're going to be badgered about this for the rest of their political careers," he said.

"When the government discriminates against people who are queer with DOMA, or Don't Ask, Don't Tell, or your city council here, it reinforces, in the heads of the bullies and the bigots, that they might be right. That they have a point."

Savage was the co-creator of the "It Gets Better" videos, which encourage gay youth to stay strong through bullying in high school.


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