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Man's window problem is a reminder to always keep your warranty

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- College professor Steven Stoll has a problem that is too big for the classroom; it is in his home.

"It bothers me that people don't care about the quality of their work," he said. "It is probably a five-minute repair.

Stoll had four windows installed in his home. Three of them are not working properly.

"The fourth one might be a problem because I never use it," he said.

The windows were installed about two years ago by Weatherwise, a company that does window replacements. 

"I was very happy," said Stoll. "They did it all in one day."

But now, two of the windows are not locking properly, and a third is locked tight.

"It came off the thing, so it is completely jammed," he said.

Stoll doesn't have his warranty, but said he's made several attempts to reach the company and can't.

"I've been complaining for the last few months and they haven't come back out," he said. 

On nice days, Stoll said he would like to let some fresh air into the one room for his two dogs.

"I'm safe here nobody can break in," he said. " ... The dogs use this window I'd like to open it.

And there are days he wants to lock the two windows.

"I just want them fixed, I don't want money back or anything, I just wanted them to work as they're supposed to," he said.

We checked the company and this company has a good record.

It has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau, two complaints in three years and those were closed.

So what happened?

Company President Buck Eldridge said he services what he sells and he did not know there was a problem with Stoll's windows.

Eldridge said they have service the windows before and if there's a problem, he will go back again.

"It sounds like a simple fix," he said.

In fact, he called Stoll and plans to resolve the issues immediately.


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