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A new fight for injured Jacksonville boxer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Boxer Ishika "Isis" Lay was training in her Jacksonville Beach gym a year before the London Olympics in the summer of 2011.

She trained so hard to make team USA.

"Oh I'm number one," she said at the time. "I'm right here in Jacksonville, Florida, putting it back on the map for boxing."

But while training, she suffered a head injury and complained of headaches.

But she said her ringside staff gave her the green light to fight. She said they gave her hydrocodone before her final bout ever. When she collapsed in the ring while circling her opponent.

"This is kinda tough for me, this is the first thing that's ever been real tough," Lay said.

Lay now lives at home with her parents in Monroe, Indiana.
And after fighting to stay alive, her current fight is physical therapy and getting motor function back.

First Coast News spoke with her mother Blanchie over the phone to catch up.

Lay still struggles to talk, but neurologists said she could have died from suffering repeated concussions without fully healing from the original injury.

Dr. Daniel Kantor is a ringside doctor, a neurologist and a specialist in concussions in athletes.

He says if Lay was given hydrocodone like the complaint suggests, then ringside doctors would not have known if the concussion symptoms had gone away.

Kantor says having another head injury, or concussion, before the original one healed, an athlete can get second impact syndrome. And that could have led to ... "Coma, paralysis, loss of speech and even to death," Kantor said.

John Phillips is Lay's attorney who filed the complaint in Duval County.

And if nothing else, he hopes this brings attention to the dangers of concussions.

"This is a big problem," Phillips said, "and we hope that this can prevent the same thing from happening to another athlete."

As for Lay and her family, the fight to get back to normal continues.

"It's a struggle," said Blanchie. "Every single day it's a struggle."


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