There's a need for foster families on the First Coast | News

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There's a need for foster families on the First Coast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Michael and Libby Deitschmann were considering adopting a child. As newlyweds they wanted to add to their family. 

"We were interested in having a child and talked about the different things at our age," he said.

It them took a lot of thought and talking to other foster care families before they decided to become foster parents.

"Some (foster families we spoke with) have adopted and they've had great experiences, so that also encouraged us," said Libby.

They received their first child in December, seven days after the baby was born; they say it has been a joy.

"It has been really rewarding. The child is just amazing. Of course, all children are," said Michael.

He is a healthcare administrator and she is a nurse. They describe their match with their foster child as a match made in heaven.

"I think we have been greatly blessed by it to provide a safe and loving environment for a child is rewarding," she said.

Foster families receive a small stipend; the Deitschmanns get $400 a month.

"It is a little more costly than that," said Michael.

The Deitschmanns said they became a foster family to give a child much needed support.

"I think it is shocking the number of children that are in need of a safe environment," said Libby Deitschmann. "To be able to take a child in and provide for them to let them know they're safe to be love, it is incredible."

The children are "wards of the courts" so a foster family home must meet certain standards and families must complete six weeks of classes before they're licensed.

The child lives with the family for a year. At the end, it could lead to an adoption, if the child is not unified with his/her maternal parent.


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