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Facebook group seeks Councilman's ouster

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Facebook group has banded together to unseat Jacksonville City Councilman Don Redman.

With hundreds signed up, the group is laying out its plans to kick the City Councilman out. 

"I'm on Facebook, none of my friends on Facebook are bashing me," said Councilman Don Redman.

Redman hasn't seen the Facebook group calling for his ouster, but he's certainly heard about it.

"I understand most of the rock stations in town really got behind that and were bashing me pretty good. I had friends that would say, 'oh they're really letting you have it,'" he said.

Redman's opponents organized online, with more than 1,500 people looking to unseat the councilman.

Members have posted petitions to City Hall, and personal attacks against Redman, one reading: "He is an embarrassment to Jacksonville."

Redman has taken heat for his stance against the LGBT community, asking a gay woman if she was male or female, and if people treated her badly because of her behavior.

But he says the Metro Park proposal has drawn the most anger from residents here.

"I have I've gotten more attention over this issue on the past few weeks than I have over the past five and a half years, more than any issue since I've been on the council," he said.

The process to actually unseat Redman is complicated.

Petitioners would need 10% of registered voters in his district to sign a petition with cause to remove him.

Then a majority of voters in a recall election would have to vote him out.

But Redman says he's not worried.

"Eh, you know, I have 2 and a half more years on my term, I can't run again. Although I do want to support the community and do my job as best as I can and that's what I try to do."

No matter their opinion of him, Redman says he encourages all of his constituents to get in touch with him, even if he doesn't agree with them.

"If I feel like I'm right, I'm not going to back down," he said. 


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