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Church and A/C company disagree over repair bill

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- Larry Varnom owns a small heating and air company, a company he said he started in 1966.

"I've been fortunate over the years," said Varnom," I have lost very little money since I have been in business."

Varnom said last May he serviced the air conditioning system at Greater Israel United church and has yet to be paid for his service.

"One time they told me the check was in the mail," said Varnom,"  from the Northside to the Westside doesn't take three or four months."

Varnom, frustrated, filed a claim of lien against the church for $1,018.

"I can't go around passing out thousand dollar bills, I'd like to have my money," he said.

Dr. Eugene White is the pastor of the church.

"The church said that they would pay him, but they would pay him payments on it," said White.

Dr. White said the lien comes as surprise.

"I don't know why he would put a lien realizing he has not satisfied the church," said White.

White said there were no estimates before the job started so he stopped the work after learning how much it would cost.

"If he had told me it was going to be about one thousand dollars I would have told him let me go back to the church," he said,"I don't do things unless I am authorized."

Even in the middle of this dispute, White said one of the units is still not working.

"When he came here it was not working," said White,"when he left here it wasn't working."

Varnom said he worked on the entire system, replacing parts in some units, and not just the one air conditioner that is not working.

He wants to be paid.

"I never got paid for any of my parts on the house or any of the freon on the church," he said.

The church proposed resolution is for Varnom to come back and finish the job so he can get paid.

Varnom's response is he did nothing wrong and feels he should be paid the past due bill, plus interest and the cost of filing the lien.


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