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What's wrong with Jacksonville? JCCI releases survey results

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As part of the Jax2025 effort, the Jacksonville Community Council Inc. released the results of a city-wide survey of more than 14,000 people from each neighborhood in our region. Sixty-seven percent say they're satisfied with the quality of life here, but some things need improvement.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Prime Osborn Saturday sharing ideas, hopes, and dreams for the future at the first "visioning" event.

"This is an opportunity to think big about what Jacksonville wants to be when it grows up," said Ben Warner, the President of JCCI. "What we heard over and over again is Jacksonville's a city with potential, but we've been talking about being a city with potential for 20 years. Now we want to realize that potential and become one of the great cities of the world."

Number one on the agenda was downtown development. "Downtown is a top priority for me and I was happy to see that people want downtown to become a destination," Mayor Alvin Brown said at the event.

Education is the second major concern of those surveyed. Transportation, Crime and public safety, Employment and Government Finances are also on the top ten list of improvements.

Mark Merritt works for the Jacksonville Public Library. "I'm a member of this community and I think that all members of the community need to be involved if we're going to have any chance of success," Merritt said.

JCCI plans to hold three more meetings, and once the vision is finalized, they'll take action.

"We believe by working together we can make some of these things happen in the short run and in the longrun," Mayor Brown said.

The ultimate goal is to make the city a better place to live by 2025.

"We did this work in San Antonio, Texas and what I'll tell you is within the first year and a half, after completing this vision in San Antonio, Texas, they were named the highest performing local economy in the nation," Warner said.

Those that would like to get involved in the effort and become a "visioneer" should head to Jax2025.com for more information.


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