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How to quit your day job: Create a TV show for kids

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For a select few people on this planet, every day of work is a dream come true.

But for the great majority, going to work is a means to an end. 

It's what we all endure in order to do what we really love on weekends and vacations.

But for some there's a breaking point.

Maybe it's not a great revelation... but more like a straw, falling upon the already strained back of a hard at work camel.

This may describe Aaron Hazouri and Roderick "Odd Rod" Borisade.

The two friends have decided to forget about their day jobs, and pursue their true interests: pupeeteering. 

"It's scary," Hazouri described.

But the former insurance claims adjuster says it's not as scary as a day-to-day job in a cubicle.

Cube life was not for him.

"It's a nightmare," Borisade said. He's a longshoreman during the day.

"But at the same time it's a dream," he added.

 Hazouri and Borisade have known each other since college. They were art students and friends at University of North Florida.

Hazouri was honing his gift of illustration and graphic design.

Borisade was working on his voice as a poet and writer. 

Now the two have decided to partner back up, using each of their innate skills, to develop a children's show.

"Our focus is more on the emotional side of things," Hazouri said.

The show would be based on the book the two wrote and illustrated together. 

It's called Buddy and Bird and tackles tough issues children may face. 

"Not the ABCs and 1-2-3s," Hazouri said. "Sesame Street covers that."

Hazouri took the characters the two put on paper, and turned them into puppets. 

The two of them go out to classrooms, reading the book and putting on a show for kids.

Now they're working on getting a bigger audience. They hope to film a pilot episode of Buddy and Bird, and develop it into an entire series.

"We're two people, living our dream," Borisade said. "That's huge to me."

They are depending a great deal on crowd sourced investors from the website 

Essentially, if people see the idea online, and like it, they can give to the cause. 

To invest, and learn more about their show, click here.


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