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Goat farmers lose 4 goats to 2 pitbulls

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Carl Shifflett knew there was a problem at his Northside home. What he and his wife Stephanie discovered left them devastated.

"One laying down here," said Stephanie. "We went to tend to her and I could see one of the larger goats torn up terribly."

The Shiffletts are goat farmers. Two weeks ago, the tribe was attacked violently.

"We have never had an attack," said Carl. "This is the first."

The Shiffletts live in a semi-rural area. They say two pitbulls attacked their goats, killing four of them.

"They just killed them for the sport of it, " said Stephanie.

"For the taste of blood," Carl said.

The Shiffletts' neighbor was able to capture a picture of one of the dogs, but they don't know who owns them. 

"It was the worst thing," said Stephanie Shifflett. "The only thing that could have been worse if it was one of these children that visits our neighbors."

They're asking the city's Animal Care and Protective Services for help so it doesn't happen again.

"It was awful, just dreadful to see an animal torn apart that badly. It was devastating," said Stephanie Shifflett.

"I'd like to see those dogs put down," said Carl. "That's the bottom line, because they will be back."

But it is a slow process because all they have is one picture. This week, they went to the ACPS to express their urgency.

"I think they can scout the area," said Carl.

The city's Animal Care and Protective Services has reopened the case because there is new evidence -- the photograph -- and will comb the neighborhood, interview residents and set traps.


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