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Wrong tree removed, but tree service won't replace it

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Shirley Santoni gave Tree Venture Services permission to access her property so the company could remove her neighbor's tree.

"I had a tree right about here," she said pointing to a bare spot in the yard.

Santoni said in the process of removing the neighbor's tree, the company removed hers as well.

"My tree was gone when I came home," said Santoni. "All of the debris was laying here on my yard.

This was on July 3rd and Santoni said when it happened, Robert Tews, owner of Tree Venture Services, said nothing.

"No note on my door," she said, "Nothing."

Santoni said later that week, the company finally removed the debris and the owner was apologetic.

"I said 'I understand accidents happen, but the decent thing to have done professionally is knock on my door,'" she said, "or come and speak to me about it."

Santoni said she feels she's being ignored by the company because she is a woman.

"I feel that way, and they have not done anything about it. I've approached them a few times," she said.

It was a pecan tree. Santoni asks, what if it was a memorial tree?

"I just want them to replace my tree and do the decent thing. That's it. That's all I want them to do," said Santoni.

Tews, the owner of the company, said he is not going to do anything.

"She's being too aggressive," he said.

Tews said he feels he did her a favor by removing the tree and the stump.

"It was tangled up in my customer's tree," said Tews, "I did her a favor. Her yard was unkempt, we improved her property."

He is a member of the ISA, International Society of Arboriculture, and would like Santoni to file a complaint with them.


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