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Vigil remembers Jordan Davis and honors Newtown shooting victims

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Friendship Fountain becomes the center for remembrance while locals take a moment to honor the lives lost in the Connecticut shooting as well as the life of local slain teenager, Jordan Davis.

"We need to stop letting our kids just die in the streets, they can't play hopscotch, they can't ride their bicycles, they can't swing in the swings in the park because someone may draw down on somebody else and they may be collateral damage," says Ron Davis, Jordan's father.

One by one candles were lit in honor of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The teenager was shot twice and killed the day after Thanksgiving at a Southside Gas station all because of what police say was an altercation over loud music - and since his death, the teen's father has become an advocate for gun control.

"I do not want to take your guns. I understand we are America, Americans love their guns, I do not want to take your guns but we need to understand we need much more control over the guns," says Davis.

At Saturday's vigil at the Downtown Jacksonville Friendship Fountain, the lights from the candles not only kept Jordan's memory alive, but were also meant for all the victims of the Connecticut shooting.

"My heart goes out to the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers in Newtown, Connecticut. It just breaks my heart, small kids 6, 7, 8 years old haven't even begun their lives and I just want to send a message out to Connecticut to Sandy Hook Elementary that you have my love and I'll be praying for you just like you're praying for m," says Davis.

For Davis, it was a special night at the fountain, a place where he says he used to visit with Jordan in the summer time. Friends of the Davis family say Jordan would be so proud of his dad and this community.

"He would probably think, 'wow Dad you're doing this for me? And he would probably be so overwhelmed by it that he would probably just be bubbling all over now I know those big ole' lips of Jordan would just be smiling all over right now," says Steve Anderson, a close friend Ron Davis.


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