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Hurting Families with Children in Crime

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There is one group in Jacksonville that fully understands the loss of life as a result of the violence in Connecticut Friday.

Hurting Families with Children in Crime, a non-profit organization designed to support youth, young adults and families, that have been effected by violent crime and murder, had a fundraiser breakfast scheduled Saturday morning, and many there had heavy hearts.

The walls at the fundraiser breakfast were covered with posters of loved ones lost to violence.

Many family members of those lost loved ones gathered for the Helping Families of Children in Crime breakfast.

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in the widely publicized stand your ground case in Florida, spoke to the group, her heart going out to all those hurting after the school shooting.

"Their parents are hurting, there are brothers and sisters that are hurting, now maybe they'll do something about guns, " Fulton said.

Pam Champion lost her son Robert Champion, the drum major at Florida A&M who died after a hazing incident.

" This is what we have to do. NO more silence, and stopping the violence. No more mother's cry of hopelessness and dispair," Champion said.

Melissa McCoy's twin sister Michelle was murdered two years ago and she understands this horrible thing families there are going through and had words of encouragement.

"You are going to cry, going to feel sad, so think about good things , the time you had with them, and think positive," McCoy said.

Linda Dayson, director of the Hurting Families group that has helped more than 600 families cope with tragedy in the last 6 years, says love is missing.

"There is going to be more bloodshed, I am sorry to say, but we have got to come together, love each other, got to educate each other, strengthen each other. That is all I know to say, because people are hurting, people are bitter, and people are angry," Dayson said.

Hurting Families with Children in Crime holds a summer camp each year to build strong character among young people. And the group also helps families interacting with the juvenile justice system.


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