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Neighbors tired of looking at foreclosed eyesore

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In a Beauclerc neighborhood where the lawns are manicured and the homes well-decorated, the neighbors don't like the house across the street.

"We've watched the condition of the property deteriorate," said David Harril.

"Nothing has been done to the property," said Chris Harril.

The house is another foreclosure tragedy, but neighbors ask 'does it have to look like this?'

"No one is taking responsibility to either keep it up or keep it safe," said David Harril.

The Harril family is afraid that the now-ugly piece of property could become a place for squatters.

"We're concerned that somebody might come in and start using it for purposes we do not want in our neighborhood," he said.

But their immediate concern is the danger it poses to the community. The fence has collapsed and the public is exposed to a nasty looking swimming pool.

"There are children in the neighborhood," said Chris. "You can't see the bottom of it, so a child can fall in the pool."

The property was winterized by a management company to protect the bank's interest, but apparently, that does not include the outside,

"The grass has probably been mowed four or five times in the last year. Different neighbors have mowed the grass," said Chris Harril.

Jacksonville's Municipal Code enforcement division has made the safety of this property a priority.

A city spokesperson said an officer will investigate the current fence conditions and if a violation is found, they will cite accordingly and notify the owner on record to correct the violation. 

"We'd like to see the house maintained, the outside of it, by some entity," said Chris Harril.

We contacted Safeguard properties, which is responsible for the property, and they promised to take immediate attention. 


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