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New customer questions JEA customer service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Tackett family now has running water. A few days ago they did not.

"We had to fill water jugs at the gas station to flush the toilets," said Amanda Tackett.

On December 1st, they moved from Alabama to a rental home in St. Johns County. They're still unpacking and trying to get over what they call a bad experience with the JEA.

"I've never had this experience with a utility company," said Tackett.

Amanda Tackett said during the last week of November, they mailed copies of their lease agreement, their IDs, along with a deposit to the JEA. The check was sent to a different address for security reasons.

"We provided everything ... " said Tackett, "and nothing we did was good enough."

But Tackett claims JEA delayed the service connection because of a there was a delinquent service charge to the address, which had nothing to do with them.

"We knew nothing about that. We were 400 miles away," she said.

December 3rd, James Tackett went to the utility in person and resolved the conflict. Even so, his wife feels the utility needs a customer service overhaul.

A few weeks ago the new CEO Paul McElroy made it known that  better customer service is one of his major goals.

"Our raison d' etre, our reason for being," said McElroy, "is customer satisfaction."

The JEA has nearly one million water-sewer and electric customers, like Tackett, and McElroy said they're all important.

"The big thing is the customer and the customer comes first. That is one thing that will change here," he said.

Tackett said it will be a few days before she has everything out of the boxes and a few days before she forgets how her move to the First Coast started.

"I think it is a nice city so we are very fortunate," she said.

Tackett said she became so frustrated by the process she lost it, and that did not help the situation.

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce said the issue was always the security deposit.

"We cannot start service until the deposit, if required, has been  posted," she said. 

Boyce said the JEA received it via mail and it was posted on Monday and the turn on order for water was completed.


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