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Southside residents tired of illegal dump next door

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Even with a privacy fence separating her backyard from what has become an illegal dump, Connie Pate is tired of the problem.

"It is an eyesore," said Pate. "Even with my fence, I know it is there.

Pate said for months, she has complained to the City of Jacksonville about the illegal dumping.

"The city keeps telling me it is the parks and recreation and they're making plans to come and clean it up," she said.

Among her concerns, old tires that could be breeding ground for mosquitoes.

"With all the problems of West Nile Virus, I just think they should clean it up," she said.

Pate said the dumping is taking place day and night. It is a very sandy area, but you can see the tire tracks and the old tires, construction debris and even a Walmart shopping cart. 

It may seem like an out of the way place to dump stuff, but it is perfect because it is an occupied strip of land with trees to hide the trash.

The residents of the Ivey Road community know the illegal dump site is there and they want the city to not only clean it up, but put an end to it.

"I want it cleaned up and I want something put up at that entrance so that they can't get back here at all," said Pate.

Pam Wilson with Parks and Recreation said it appears that the initial CARE request was submitted to the Public Works department prior to the reform that put park maintenance back under the parks department.

Wilson said in response to our email that the parks and recreation staff will contact Ms. Pate, investigate the concerns and take appropriate action.


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