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Business owner claims 'bad decision' cost company $19,000

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Douglas Myers has been in the manufacturing business for 20 years. He said he still regrets a decision he made a three years ago.

"My wife constantly reminds me of a bad business decision," said Myers.

Myers paid a contractor nearly $19,000 to buy an infinity wrap plasma cutting machine for his business and nothing happened.

"You work with a guy," said Myers. "You have him come and work on your machine. You just assume."

Three years later, he claims he is still trying to recover his money.

"I contacted the manufacturer and the company did not receive any money from him," said Myers.

Myers filed a lawsuit against the contractor Herb Cochley. The case is still in court.

"We want to get him into court," said Myers. "If we get him in, we will win."

Myers said he is now trying to take it to a different level. He filed a police complaint against the contractor, and said he is waiting to hear from the State Attorney's office.

"He still has my money," he said.

State Attorney's Office spokesperson Jackie Barnard said there's no record of a complaint with the office.

Myers said he is determined to recover monies that are essential to the continued existence of his small business.

"It is very hurtful. It is a small business," he said. 

Attorney Randall Silverberg said his client, Cochley, acted in good faith in his mind, and this is a disagreement over who is responsible.

Cochley said by email that this is a legal issue. 

"Doug wants money," wrote Cochley, "but he didn't meet the payment requirements on time. We rewrote the arrangement several times."

"The verdict in this will be determined either legally, or by negotiation. This suit was his choice and I am trying to settle this in his venue," wrote Cochley. 

After examining the paperwork, the lesson for anyone in business is to be sure there is an escrow for the money. Get copies of a buyers contract with the manufacturer, and make checks payable to a company instead of an individual. Doing otherwise is setting yourself up for a potential problem.


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