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About 40 homeowners say roofing company misled them

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You pay thousands for a new roof and the last thing you want is to pay twice. That could happen to dozens of homeowners on the First Coast.

First Coast News has learned that they're faced with liens against their properties, after Mann's Roofing failed to pay its suppliers.

"They never paid the supplier, so even though I paid for the job in full, I received a lien on my home from the supplier, protecting their interest," homeowner Edmond Godreau said.

Godreau is one of about 40 homeowners since January of this year who say they had Mann's install a new roof on their home. They explained they paid to have the work done. The company put the new roof on, but they allege the roofer never paid the roofing supplier for the materials. These customers say they carefully checked out Mann's before they used them, and they checked out well.

"I had three other neighbors who had their house done my Mann's Roofing, they were all happy," said Gary Fusani.

The suppliers are not only going after Mann's Roofing, they have also placed liens on the homes. 

"And also they've filed a lawsuit to foreclosure on my mortgage to get the money they're owed," Godreau said.

Now this group is asking the State Attorney's Office to look into criminal charges against those behind Mann's Roofing. 

They met with Mike Weinstein from the State Attorney's Office Monday afternoon. 

"If it's at all possible, and it's appropriate, then yes, that would be our goal, but we have hurdles to go through and burdens to beat, but that's what we're looking to do if possible," Weinstein said.

First Coast News reached out to Mann's. FCN has not yet received a response. The alleged victims believe they are out of business. FCN also reached out to one of the suppliers. They told us they cannot comment because of pending lawsuits.


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