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Working Thanksgiving? There are reasons to be thankful

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- With stores like Target telling employees they'll be working extra holiday hours, and the subsequent complaints surfacing, there are plenty of other folks quite thankful to be working on holidays.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are some reasons to be thankful for working on the day usually reserved for being a little lazy:

1. Getting in good with the boss.

Whether she told you or asked for volunteers, there's going to be a great deal of respect for the troopers who had to tell their families no and muscle through a tough day at the office.

And, usually, offices managers will spring for some free food too.

2. You don't have to travel.

Big one here. 

While everyone else is waiting in lines at the airport, or in hours of backed up traffic, Thanksgiving workers will be leading a productive day. 

Plus you'll be saving a ton of cash by not traveling ... which leads us to our next reason:

3. Making and saving big money

When Dennis Howard was told he would be working on Thanksgiving, the CSX locomotive engineer wasn't upset at all.

"I wasn't upset, not really mad at it at all," he said. "The money's good because I'll be making time and a half."

Some companies will even give double time for holiday pay.

Howard says he's looking at the positives of working on Thanksgiving.

"It'll be a 12 hour shift," he said. "But my conductor and I, we're fine with it. We'll make the most of it, then have the weekend off to spend with our families."

Practically speaking, by working, that's money earned and not spent.

Plus, if you still miss the family, you'll be double saving by flying later in the year. 

As for Howard, the spirit of Thanksgiving translates right into his job.

"I'm just thankful to have a great career in this day and time," he said.


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