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Westside residents flock by annoying peacocks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Peacocks are pretty and admired by many, but Velvet Burns said in her neighborhood, peacocks are foul birds.

"The feathers get everywhere, the cars get scratched up," said Burns, "and their poop is everywhere."

On Your Side received a complaint from Cheryl Anderson, another resident, and went to the neighborhood to see the problem. Burns was home and described it.

"We've counted at least 32 peacocks at one time in the neighborhood," said Burns. "When they run across your rooftop, it sounds like a herd of elephants."

Burns said she has lived in her West Jacksonville neighborhood 20 years and during the past four years, the bird population exploded.

"We don't know who originally had them. They just show up and over the years and it keeps getting worse and worse," she said.

Residents have called several city and state agencies for help, but found none.

"Peacocks are not considered a domestic animal, so the city can't help me. I've called Florida Wildlife and Game, they would not help," said Burns.

The birds are also very elusive and when people come around, they run into the woods.

"We would really like help to be able to get rid of them, but we don't know where to turn to," said Burns.

If you know a way to get rid of the birds, contact us and we will pass it on to the residents of Doris Lane.

A city spokesperson said the residents' option is to hire a private trapper.


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